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 Monthly Events with the Guardin !!

                                                                                                   Wisdom Community 
Wisdom Community is a 501c3 non profit organization that focuses on community Advancement . We do this through providing multiple programs to help the community. We  also do community service, seminars and community events to educate and provide opportunities throughout the inner city of Cleveland & East Cleveland .

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Our Program kids
Our Program kids

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Wisdom Teens
Wisdom Teens

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Passing out Candy for Halloween
Passing out Candy for Halloween

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Our Program kids
Our Program kids

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Wisdom Community Programs Below 

                                                                                                   Wisdom Teens Youth Program
This Program focuses on Youth Development & Self Sufficiency.  We teach professionalism, leadership skills, life skills, business management, project management, conflict resolution & community responsibility. Our goal is to help 6th-8th graders thrive. We do this through in class entrepreneurship training. We teach kids how to be the best entrepreneur or employee that they can be. They also get a chance to intern with local entrepreneurs from different companies if they decide to once the program ends its season.


Wisdom Force

Wisdom Force Team meeting

Wisdom Force Helping with concessions

                                                                                                   Wisdom Force Job Program
This Program focuses on providing gig work for the community. Work opportunities come from our Nonprofit organization or small business owners throughout the city. The mission is to create our own network of jobs from the community for the community. This is a program that helps local businesses as well as those looking for work to further progress.

                                                                                                   The Guardin Program
This is the program most of our interns & volunteers work out of. This program focuses on better serving the community by coming together to Educate & Serve the community in various ways. We do this through workshops, community services ,community collaboration etc.

Monthly Events at The Guardin

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Family Bingo Fridays

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Sunday Community Work Outs 

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